We specialize in supporting all aspects of the Marine-based survey, Geoscience, Infrastructure, and Engineering projects. At NGS, you are assured of innovative, quality, cost-effective, and cutting edge technological approach which will enable you to have efficient and safe operations without any setback.

Survey Consulting

Provision of consultants and client representatives with expertise in the survey and geoscience professions within our market sectors.

Data Processing

Processing and analysis of survey, hydrographic and geoscience data, including charting, GIS, and standard industry deliverables.

Experienced Personnel

Extensive global network of personnel specializing in various disciplines of the survey and geoscience professions.

Our Vision

Our Mision

Nav Global Systems will be the most distinguished establishment and first customer choice in the provision of survey consultancy support services in West Africa and beyond through the deployment of the latest trail-blazing technology and highly skilled and motivated workforce to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering effective and efficient Consultancy services with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods through our leading Edge Technology

Our Values

Our Values

We believe in excellence. We stand on a tripod of professional skills, discipline, and hard work. In our relationship with Customers/Clients, Employees, and all Stakeholders, we shall strive to define and agree on deliverables and perform all tasks correctly at the first attempt, in all activities. We shall balance the needs of top management and our workforce, guided always by sound moral and ethical principles. We are committed to the fulfillment of due social responsibility while upholding our lawful rights and privileges.

Our Long Term Plans

Our Long Term Plans

Globally: To be amongst the ten best service providers in our field of operation and be a brand name in the world stock market. Customers: To offer added value in every specialist service it renders. Community: To bridge the development gap especially as regards host communities.

Expertise in project planning and technical consulting for offshore energy and telecommunication projects. NGS can assist with project documentation, geodesy selection, understanding the capabilities of survey technology.
Our staff of experienced personnel will assist with office and offshore based project management, including technical oversight, quality control, and HSE.
Working with some of the best consultants in the industry, NGS will staff your project with client representatives, specialists, surveyors, data processors, and geoscientists.
Our well-trained personnel is able to process and analyze your survey and geoscience data. Our data processors and geoscientists are experienced with most industry-standard software packages and can operate within your existing workflows or design new ones.
Deliverables are an evolving topic with requirements as diverse as the client. NGS is able to create custom deliverables using the latest industry software, formats, and visualization techniques.

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NGS in alliance with EIVA provides expanded capabilities, enhanced client services, and access to highest quality personnel in the marine construction, survey and geosciece industries.



Our company and our engineers have a great deal of process design, operations, and process safety experience within many types of oil and gas offshore operations.

Nav Global Systems operates fully in line with the strict quality and safety standards in the offshore oil and gas industry and the offshore wind energy. When transporting crew and equipment and providing on-site support, we consistently see to it that existing procedures and protocols are observed. NGS fully complies with the quality systems that apply to its customers’ operational processes. Quality and safety managers who know all the tricks ensure that the international maritime rules are observed.



Tunnel Vision During Underwater ROV Inspections

We are seeing more and more applications of our ROV topside software, NaviSuite Mobula, especially for surveys in hard-to-reach places. Tunnel inspections are one of the more challenging, and for several reasons…

NGS meets EIVA in Denmark, 2020.

Skanderborg, Denmark –NGS deepens her commitment to her technical partner EIVA as an official sales representative of the Danish company in west Africa while also maintaining her commitment to supporting local and international projects.


Houston, Texas – In June 2015 NGS attended the first annual EIVA Day at Houston, Texas, United States. Nav Global Systems is proud to attend as the West African Partner for Hardware and Software.