Nav Global Systems

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Survey Consulting and Project Management

NGS has maintained a successful track in providing survey supports and other engineering services to companies in oil and gas, security and telecommunication . We sustain competitive rates without compromising the quality and expertise of our services.

Marine Construction and Dredge Support

Our team provides expert support for marine construction and dredge projects, ensuring successful project execution.

Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM) Survey Support

We offer comprehensive IRM survey support to ensure the integrity and reliability of your offshore assets.

Hydrographic and AUV Surveys

Our hydrographic and AUV surveys provide accurate and detailed mapping of seafloor topography and underwater features.

Pipeline / Cable Route and Inspection Surveys

We conduct thorough surveys to identify optimal routes and inspect existing pipelines and cables.

Subsea Laser / Laser Scanning

Our subsea laser and laser scanning services provide precise 3D models of underwater structures and assets.

Dimensional Control Surveys

We ensure accurate dimensional control and monitoring to prevent costly errors and delays.

Environmental and Archaeological Investigations

Our team conducts thorough environmental and archaeological investigations to minimize project risks and ensure compliance.