Nav Global Systems

Data Processing

Trust the NGS team of experienced surveyors, data processors, and geoscientists to handle your data from start to finish on a wide range of datasets. You will be provided with the results you need to meet your time-sensitive demands.

Our team strives to remain ahead of the evolving market with continual training on the latest technological advancements, which may provide new solutions to your existing workflow.

Data Acquisition

The acquisition, processing, and presentation of technical data relating to surface and sub-surface marine environments is critical over-water. NGS has a pool of well trained, experienced personnel who are experts in processing and analyzing your survey and geoscience data.

Our data processors and geoscientist are experienced with most industry-standard software packages and can operate within your existing workflows or design new ones. in or bid to say at the top we have partnered with EIVA to give the best for all your projects requiring data acquisition and processing. Our services include:

Hydrographic Data Processing

LMultibeam, singlebeam, back-scatter intensity and sidescan mosaics, nagvigation and position post-processing, Sub-bottom profiling, bottom sampling and reporting.

LData Analysis and Correlation

Interpretation of all survey data, we bring all available datasets together to provide a comprehensive and integrated analysis to meet the objectives of your project.

GIS and Charting

Presentation of results in ArcGIS, PODS, or SSDM formats. AutoCAD Based charts that meet local and federal requirement. Chart creation available by RPLS, or Certified Hydrographer.

Data Visualization

Presenting data in new ways. Better understand the results and how they apply to your project. Modeling of seabed environments and structures as well as 3D field layouts.