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Data Processing

Trust the NGS team of experienced surveyors, data processors, and geoscientists to handle your data from start to finish on a wide range of datasets. Our team strives to remain ahead of the evolving market with continual training on the latest technological advancements, which may provide new solutions to your existing workflow.

Data Acquisition

The acquisition, processing, and presentation of technical data relating to surface and sub-surface marine environments is critical over-water. NGS has a pool of well trained, experienced personnel who are experts in processing and analyzing your survey and geoscience data.

Our data processors and geoscientist are experienced with most industry-standard software packages and can operate within your existing workflows or design new ones. in or bid to say at the top we have partnered with EIVA to give the best for all your projects requiring data acquisition and processing. Our services include:

Processing and Analysis of Survey

We provide advanced processing and analysis services for survey data to extract valuable insights and support decision-making.

QA/QC of Project Deliverables

Our QA/QC procedures ensure the accuracy and quality of project deliverables, maintaining high standards throughout the project lifecycle.

Dataset Transformation

We specialize in transforming datasets into various formats for compatibility and usability across different platforms and applications.

ROV and AUV Data Processing

Our expertise includes processing ROV and AUV data to derive meaningful information for underwater operations and research.


We offer visualization services to represent survey data in clear and informative ways, aiding in understanding and decision-making.

Dataset Integration

Our team excels in integrating datasets from multiple sources to create comprehensive and cohesive datasets for analysis and interpretation.

Dataset Resolution Analysis

We conduct thorough resolution analysis of datasets to ensure optimal clarity and accuracy for effective decision-making.

INS System Analysis

We provide in-depth analysis of INS (Inertial Navigation System) data to assess performance and enhance navigation accuracy.


Utilizing GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, we analyze spatial data to derive valuable insights and inform decision-making processes.

Standard Industries Deliveries

We deliver standard industry formats for project deliverables, ensuring compatibility and compliance with industry requirements.

Dataset Error analysis and correction

Our team conducts rigorous error analysis and correction procedures on datasets to ensure data integrity and reliability.

Geoscience Data, Including Charting

We specialize in handling geoscience data, including charting geological features and phenomena for exploration and research purposes.