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Personal Services

The core service of NGS is to provide our clients with the experienced personnel they need to keep their project on track.

Project Management

Our project management team is responsible for leading the entire project through initiation, planning, execution, control to successful completion. Our team of technical advisors will assist all your operation by providing survey and engineering expertise on the job. all your office and offshore based project management, including technical oversight, quality control, and HSE will be properly handled without compromising expertise.
Below are the services we offer:

Contract Compliance

We ensure contract compliance throughout the project lifecycle, adhering to contractual agreements and obligations.

Data Quality Monitoring

We implement robust data quality monitoring processes to maintain high standards of data accuracy and reliability.

Operations Support

We provide comprehensive operations support to ensure smooth and efficient project execution.

Survey Guidance

Our expert team offers guidance and expertise throughout the survey process to ensure optimal results.

Resource Utilization and Management

We optimize resource utilization and manage resources effectively to maximize project efficiency.

Software Selection

We assist in selecting the most suitable software solutions to meet project requirements and objectives.

Cost Management

We employ effective cost management strategies to control project expenses and optimize budget allocation.

Equipment and Vessel Procurement

We handle the procurement of equipment and vessels, ensuring timely acquisition and compliance with project requirements.

Health and Safety Review

We conduct thorough health and safety reviews to ensure compliance with regulations and promote a safe working environment.

Experienced Manpower Support

We provide experienced manpower support to supplement project teams and ensure project success.

Experienced Manpower Support

Our personnel work on projects in the following industries:

  • OIL & GAS