Nav Global Systems


Here, meet our clients and see the experiences with us and their reviews

" Excellent experience working with NGS. Smooth, easy communication with no hiccups. Prompt responses and action whenever required from both the Commercial team and the Operational team. Incredibly easy to deal with. The team is very confident about their equipment and rightfully so!

 Confident Client, Nigeria 

" One key benefit of the Nav Global Systems over traditional pulse-induction technology is that the cable can remain in services throughout survey operations, resulting in a significant cost-saving for the operator. "

 Confidential Client, Nigeria 

" In general, we are happy for the quick response to this project, the start up phase and the good support throughout the project. With no doubt, we would not have made the deadline for the projects without the good support from the NGS shore and offshore personnel. Thumbs up for a very well managed project from NGS "

 Confident Client, Nigeria 

" We were very pleased how NAV Global Systems worked with us and was able to configure their Sub-Bottom Imager to work with our project. "

 Confident Client, Nigeria