NAV GLOBAL SYSTEMS- NGS is a private, indigenous limited liability Oil and Gas Service Company, incorporated in Nigeria to provide specialized Consultancy Services Delivery of solutions to offshore and shallow water engineering and survey industries We specialize in supporting all aspects of marine-based survey and geoscience, infrastructure projects.

Nav Global Systems is fully compliant with the Nigerian Content Policies and Directives.  With our vast experience which cuts across several aspects of the oil industry, we deliver cost-effective services at the highest level of efficiency to our clients while maintaining 100% commitment to Quality Health, Safety, and Environment to meet and Exceed Client Needs and Expectation.

Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to delivering effective and efficient Consultancy services with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods through our leading Edge Technology 

Vision Statement:

Nav Global Systems will be the most distinguished establishment and first customer choice in the provision of survey consultancy support services in West Africa and beyond through the deployment of the latest trail-blazing technology and highly skilled and motivated workforce to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.


Navigating the seven seas

Who are we?

Nav Global Systems – NGS, leading integrated modern technology solutions, mechanical, electronic, and software services provider, offers world-class quality onshore and offshore solutions and services that enable large, as well as small to medium organizations to keep up-to-date with the fast-evolving competitive business environment.

NGS was founded originally with professional & experienced partners in a field oil & gas offshore survey, NGS has a proven and successful track record.

Education and Training

We provide education in new and emerging technologies, guiding your company and helping it make use of them to implement them into your system.

Our courses:

Introduction to offshore survey.

Hydrographic survey.

Positioning and Nav. Systems.

Offshore survey Engineering.

Underwater inspection.

Hydrographic survey data processing.

Commercial ROV introduction and Familiarisation.

Commercial ROV technical course.

Offshore commercial ROV Practical Training.

Underwater positioning course.

Commercial Work class ROV technical.

Underwater intervention.

Our services also include, but are not limited to:

Underwater Special tools.

Positioning services.

Hydrographic Survey.

Geophysical Survey.

Geotechnical Survey.

Hard & Software Solutions.

ROV & Intervention Services.


HGS Management Believes that minimizing loss is as much important as profit Maximization; thus, they were keen on establishing a rigorous and proactive HSE system to implement loss prevention programs and policies, in order to achieve highly protected risk status.

NGS leaders are held accountable for demonstrating correct HSE behaviors and set proper HSE example, to ensure that our people at all levels are responsible and accountable for achieving HSE objectives.

NGS management set up annual HSE objectives, and develops methods and plans to achieve the goals.

NGS management fosters a working environment that supports and encourages open communication about incidents and HSE-related issues.

NGS employees at all levels are actively involved in the development and implementation of the HSE systems; they are required to know and follow safe work practices and demonstrate safe behaviors.

We are located at 75 Okporo Road, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Our company considers safety to be the number one priority and is very proud of our strong HSE culture with Zero Lost Time Incidents.
We specialize in the use of the state of the art equipment in the field of Oil, Gas, and Marine and we are consistently advancing our technology.