NGS in alliance with EIVA provides expert advice and guidance, these training courses are designed to deliver participants the skills and knowledge to ensure your efficient offshore survey and engineering operations whenever and wherever you want it. The courses are in two categories;

  1. Software Training courses
  2. Hardware Operator courses


NGS has EIVA Factory Certified Instructors to help you get the training that your crew needs to get the job done right. Open courses are held throughout the year, and tailored courses can be given at your location. Not ready for a course yet? Start with the basics on the EIVA online eLearning site. Email NGS for a free trial.

See a current list of all open EIVA software courses that are being offered around the world.


We provide education in new and emerging technologies, guiding your company and helping it make use of them to implement them into your system.

Our courses:

  • Introduction to offshore survey.
  • Hydrographic survey.
  • Conferences/Events/Seminars
  • Positioning and Nav. Systems.
  • Offshore survey Engineering.
  • Underwater inspection.
  • Hydrographic survey data processing.

  • Commercial ROV introduction and Familiarisation.
  • Commercial ROV technical course.
  • Offshore commercial ROV Practical Training.
  • Underwater positioning course.
  • Commercial Work class ROV technical.
  • Underwater intervention.

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